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My name is Linda Lowry and I'd like to thank you
for stopping by.

My subject matter has focused on interiors, gardens, still life and figures with a common thread of narrative. For almost twenty-five years I have painted places that blend past and present. I want the places of the past to have a vitality in the present. My viewpoint unifies work that originates in varied locations.

 I learn or I create stories as I paint. Sometimes I am a cultural anthropologist of sorts, painting a Wyoming cowboy bar, a Buddhist Shrine room, or a fountain in Luxembourg garden. Other times, I use props to create a narrative. The titles give clues to some of my narrative musings.

I make paintings with figures to describe stages of life. My most recent series of paintings is called “Water Nymphs.” In the last few years I have been trying to capture reflection in water as a metaphor and to use figures representing different stages of life and human interaction. Most of the figures I choose to paint are searching and exploring.

The patterns in the water encourage a different approach than my paintings of buildings; I like the playfulness of the abstraction and the suggestion of layers in another world below the surface.

I have been using cameras above water and underwater including a throwaway point and shoot. With the digital cameras I use basic photo editing and a pinch of photo shop. The locations range from Colorado, Connecticut, California , southern France, to the BVI.

There is a mixture of graphic composition, glazing and painterly brushstroke. I work with mixed media collage elements as well as oils.  I show my work nationally. I welcome commissions.

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e-mail Linda at: linda@lindalowry.net